Our vision

Our foundation wants to support a maximum number of needy children. That’s why we donate a fixed percentage of our turnover to social institutions in India (Mumbai and Delhi) and Ethiopia (Addis Ababa).

All institutions are visited by us personally and regularly. This creates direct contact with the girls and boys, as well as with the management of the individual institutions.

This human closeness enables us not only to have a friendly relationship, but also to recognize needs at an early stage.

We hope that we can lead as many children as possible to fulfill their dream. Children are allowed to dream, we try to fulfill them. Dream-it!

Our mission

With our support, we want to make a simpler and healthy life for girls and boys. We only support projects that are also committed to the education and training of children and young people. We want to send a clear signal that education and training are absolutely necessary in order to ensure the full capacity for the social integration of a young adult.

We support and promote girls and boys of all religions, while respecting cultural and social traditions.

Our donations will be made directly in

• Food
• Medicine and vaccinations
• Living and school rooms
• Education and school materials

guided. We check the safe use of our donations directly on site.

Our profile

Under the patronage of Fidfinvest Holding AG, our foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to provide humanitarian and philanthropic assistance.

The Board of Trustees decides on the projects, which receive financial and/or material support.